Dear Students,
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On behalf of our employer-partners and our staff, I want to congratulate the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners for taking an important step toward a life transformation – exploring their education options. One may think of education as a way to prepare for a new job or advance in a career. This is certainly true. However, if one studies our organization, they will find that we offer much more than a pathway to a job or advancement – it is a pathway to a rewarding career and personal development for which they are well suited and highly prepared.

IAA began with the idea that with the necessary resources and support, people who lack sufficient education but have the desire and ability to learn can be prepared for a suitable career. Over a decade ago, 20 individuals in rural Vermont proved our theory. Since then, hundreds of Vermont residents have done the same – each of them moving through their own challenges to complete an intensive academic program that culminated in gainful employment or advancement with one of our employer-partners. Their journeys were not always easy, but every student faced their challenges with the support of our faculty and student services team.

We won’t promise that an academic endeavor at IAA will be easy. It is likely to be intense and full of challenges. What we can promise is that our dedicated faculty and staff will help to ensure that each student will enter a program for which they are well suited and that they will have the encouragement and resources to be successful.

To those employees or invited guests of our employer-partners, thank you for considering IAA in your search for career advancement. We would be pleased to welcome you as one of our newest students.

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Dr. Gerald P. Ghazi, J.D.
President, IAA
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