Many employers, states, and agencies impose restrictions on the employment, registration, licensure, and/or certification of workers with certain criminal convictions. Additionally, institutions that accept students for externship placements and/or potential employment may require a criminal, health, and/or personal background check. As a result, applicants applying to any program must successfully pass a criminal background check or other evaluations as required by the employer sponsor to be enrolled. Convictions, guilty pleas or nolo contendere pleas for certain drug-related, fraud-based, or other serious crimes will automatically disqualify a prospective student from eligibility for these programs.

For further information about the types of offenses that might disqualify an applicant, please contact the Office of Admissions. If a potential applicant believes that the results of the background check are incorrect, the institution will provide the applicant with the contact information to appeal the institution’s decision. However, the application process will not move forward until the appeal is complete and the applicant may need to re-apply for a future program if the appeal is accepted.

Employer-partner sponsored education programs may require clinical rotations and/or externship placements. This may require an additional criminal and/or personal background check and may reject an applicant based on criteria different than those applied during the initial applicant process. Additionally, some employer-partners may require candidates to submit to a drug screening test.

Applicants with criminal records that include felonies or misdemeanors (including those that are drug-related) or personal background issues such as bankruptcy may not meet our employer-partners standards for admission into a program. Applicants who have questions regarding how these issues may affect their acceptance into a program should discuss this matter with a school official prior to applying to a program.
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