Admission into IAA programs is a highly competitive process and candidates are expected to complete all admission requirements. IAA programs are only open to the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners. Our employer-partners make the final selection on which specific applicant(s) they wish to “invite” to enroll and participate in the program using the following:
  • -  Application and supporting documentation
  • -  Resume (portfolio assessment)
  • -  Aptitude assessments
  • -  Program staff and employer-partner interviews
  • -  Background checks and drug screening
All applicants need to meet the minimum eligibility standards and requirements as required by the specific employer-partner education program they are applying to. Applicants who are not selected by the employer-partner to participate in their sponsored program are encouraged to reapply to other programs in the future.

Once sponsored, the employee or invited guest of the employer-partner will attend a mandatory enrollment session to be officially enrolled in the program. The sponsored student will be required to complete the following:
  • -  Enrollment Agreement
  • -  General Student Disclosure
  • -  Programmatic Disclosure
There may be additional paperwork that will need to be completed based upon the specific employer requirements of the program in which the student has been sponsored.
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