IAA educational programs are always employer-partner sponsored. IAA programs are only open to the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners. Our application process is solely for the purpose of recruiting potential employees, current employees and invited guests for our employer-partners to enroll in the sponsoring employer-partner education program.

An employer-partner education program at IAA begins with a commitment by an employer sponsor who agrees to a clearly-defined set of partnership expectations.

Employer-partners are expected to participate in all phases of the development of the education program and associated curriculum. Employer-partner staff may also be recruited to become IAA adjunct faculty for the purpose of ensuring the highest level of real-world applicability and applied learning in all aspects of the educational delivery of our programs.

Employer partners participate in the recruitment phase, and are responsible for making their final selection of sponsored their employees or invited guests who will participate in their sponsored program. In return, employers enjoy the benefits of high-quality academic and career education programs that lead to employment or advancement of their sponsored students and that also prepares students to exceed employer standards for professionalism, attitude, and loyalty.

Employer partners also provide students with applied learning experience and opportunities through hands-on labs and externships at employer-partner sites which strengthen the relationships between the employer-partner and their employees or invited guests throughout the education program.
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