IAA offers career-specific education for our employer-partners, with a track record of successful graduate placement in the fields of healthcare, information technology and advanced manufacturing.

All programs are designed to:
  • -  Respond to both the employer's long term and immediate education needs
  • -  Provide both academic and applied learning activities
  • -  Facilitate immediate placement or advancement of graduates
  • -  Provide a full spectrum of support services for each student
  • -  Ensure professional conduct in both the classroom and the workplace
  • -  Provide state-registered US DOL apprenticeship for each student
If you are interested in discussing a partnership, please contact:

Steven J. Lutton, Executive Director
Office: 802-872-0660 | Cell: 802-399-8540
Email: Steven.Lutton@vthitec.org
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Contact us to request information about upcoming IAA programs.
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Email: info@vthitec.org
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