IAA's learning resource system is capable of serving all its students' needs. Beyond regular interaction with our highly qualified and readily accessible faculty members and teaching assistants, students are provided with all the texts, lecture notes, and additional materials necessary to excel in their program. The majority of course content is organized in a unified, easy-to-navigate, 24-hour access, online format.

For students eager to reinforce their understanding of course concepts via additional avenues, IAA also provides students with an extensive database of hand-picked web resources. Students may also receive personalized assistance with understanding course content by contacting their instructors in both asynchronous and live online formats.

Each certificate portion of our programs is delivered with hands-on access to all specific tools necessary for students to be productive employees upon graduation. These hands-on resources are available at the institutions where students may work upon successful completion of their program, and are available during designated daytime hours.
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