The progress or grading system by which a student will be evaluated is shown in the chart below.

An incomplete grade will revert to a failing grade if it is not completed by the end of the program. Only in the case of a leave of absence will an incomplete be carried into a future program. Students are given a grade (progress report) upon predefined intervals for each program. A copy is sent to the student’s counselor (if applicable) and the documentation is maintained in the school’s database.

grading system

A student who wishes to appeal a grade, must submit a letter to the Dean of Student Affairs within 15 business days of the completed term. The letter must describe any and all circumstances deserving further consideration. The Dean of Student Affairs will convene an appeal committee consisting of the department chair, faculty and a designated representative of the school in order to review the appeal. The student will be notified within one week of the official appeal decision.
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