Students must be making satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for continuous enrollment. Academic progress shall be assessed weekly during the period their respective program and students will subsequently be informed of their progress. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be placed on probation and are offered a full slate of options that can help to regain satisfactory status. These option include: subject matter tutoring opportunity to retake quizzes and assessments, personal mentoring, advising and resource identification to address transportation, childcare, hunger or other issues that may be interfering with the learning environment.

To graduate the program, students must complete each program with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and the minimum grades established for each subject within a given department.

The criteria for assessing student progress are standard across all of the program offerings. Students are considered to be making satisfactory progress using the following criteria:

  • 1.  Full compliance with student handbook policies and procedures;

  • 2.  A satisfactory ranking on each of the 26 behavioral competencies;

  • 3.  A 70% score on academic quizzes and tests;

  • 4.  An 80% score triggers a student performance review to determine the need for additional mentoring;

  • 5.  100% compliance with the attendance policy;

  • 6.  100% completion and delivery of all homework, lab and applied learning activities; and

  • 7.  100% follow through on any assigned mentoring activities.

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