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Burlington, V.T. - A new partnership at UVM aims to expand internship opportunities for students in engineering, computer science, mathematics and statistics. Chip Cole is the interim dean at UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Sam Catalano is a UVM graduate who got a job as a result of the internship program.

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Burlington, V.T. - When engineering and computer-science graduates seek their first jobs with high-tech companies, they often learn that their academic qualifications aren’t enough. Employers are also looking for graduates who have had real-world experience — as company interns. A new partnership between Vermont HITEC and UVM’s College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics addresses this challenge.

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Lebanon, N.H. - Finding a skilled workforce in a rural region is not easy, so Hypertherm is creating its own workforce. The company is doing it by following the model of Williston-based non-profit Vermont HITEC. More than 250 machine workers are on the payroll at the $50 million state-of-the-art facility. "Today we do over 98 percent of our production here in New Hampshire," Smith said.

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South Burlington, V.T. - Nearly 400 people showed up to a job fair in South Burlington, all vying for just 30 jobs with a local health tech company. The orientation, put on by non-profit training group Vermont HITEC, was the first stage of a hiring process for jobs at Allscripts, a company that focuses on electronic health records.

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Burlington, V.T. - Most folks in the health care field are required to draw blood, but it can be time consuming for doctors and nurses who are already busy with patient care. Phlebotomists focus exclusively on blood collection and they are now in high demand in Vermont.

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